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Snoring Treatment

Do you suffer from daytime sleepiness, morning headaches, or constant bad moods? A lack of restful sleep may be the cause. While snoring is often seen as a harmless habit (albeit an annoying one), it actually has the potential to interrupt your rest and leave you without enough deep sleep to feel refreshed the next day. Here in Fort Worth, Dr. Gary White provides tired patients with a customized oral appliance that minimizes snoring and helps them rest easy.

What’s the problem with snoring?

Snoring occurs when your airway passage is partially blocked during sleep causing air to force its way in and out and create vibration. This blockage occurs for a variety of reasons, such as the size of your air passage, swelling, or the position of your tongue. A lack of sleep can lead to dangerous consequences if left untreated for too long including loss of memory, decrease in concentration, and increased risk of accidents that occur while driving or working. It’s also possible that you’re keeping your bed partner from getting the best sleep possible as well.

A Restful Solution

If it’s determined that your snoring is disrupting your livelihood, a customized snoreguard from our Fort Worth team can be a big help. This appliance slightly repositions the jaw and tongue in a comfortable manner, allowing your airway to stay unblocked. Most patients adapt to wearing the snoreguard fast, and the immediate relief they experience puts a smile on their face.

Everyone deserves to get a good night’s rest. If you suffer from chronic snoring, please contact our Fort Worth office today to schedule a consultation with Dr. White. At our office, we believe in providing patients with friendly, personalized care that leaves them smiling. We welcome patients from all over the DFW Metroplex!

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